1. Pastor Reece Bowling | Circles and Rows Part 2

    February 10, 2019   Message Only Full Service   Circles and Rows Part 2 – “The Case for Community” Pastor Reece Bowling “Christianity is not a purely intellectual, internal faith. It can only be lived in community.” Phillip Yancey Things Jesus and the apostles told us to do together Love one another Encourage one another Teach one another Be kind, tenderhearted and forgiving of…Read More

  2. Sarah Bowling | Prayer is Conversation

    February 6, 2019   Message Only Full Service Sarah Bowling is on a mission to make an eternal difference in today’s world. She is the founder of Saving Moses, a global missions organization dedicated to reducing infant mortality around the world by supporting orphanages, malnutrition clinics in Africa, and developing NightCare centers in Asia, giving children and infants the chance to live …Read More