1. 5 Benefits of Youth Ministry for Teens

    Ah yes, the formative teen years. It is a time of our most important growth, and that doesn’t just mean getting taller! Many teenagers begin to explore who they are as an individual. A key part of this exploration is faith. It can be confusing, and for good reason. How can anyone trust in faith? It’s an abstract concept that takes some people a lifetime to embrace. Teens will undoubtedly have …Read More

  2. How to Make Your Resolutions Stick

    Every year, the majority of Americans make resolutions about things they want to change for the better in the coming year. The most common resolutions, of course, are related to weight loss, exercise, healthy eating habits, and saving money. While each of these areas are important to a happy and healthy life, more than half of them will be broken by February. This begs the question — how do you …Read More