Wintertime often brings an array of emotions, from the excitement of Christmas and ringing in the new year, to feeling a bit down after the initial exhilaration has passed. It’s common for people to suffer from some seasonal blues as we endure the depths of winter and wait for spring to arrive. If you’re someone who just feels a bit “off” during these months, Encounter Church is here to offer some tips in this week’s blog post.

Encounter Church is a non-denominational church that offers a wide range of events and opportunities across the Denver community. Whether you’re interested in joining prayer groups, Bible studies, or getting involved with volunteering opportunities, we’ve got it all! Read this week’s blog post to learn more about how attending church can help you combat the seasonal blues and attend our church services in Denver!

What Exactly Are the “Seasonal Blues?”

The seasonal blues, formally known as “Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD),” is a type of depression that’s related to the change in seasons — it begins and ends at around the same time every year. Typically symptoms begin to appear during the fall and continue through the winter months. It’s believed that many of the issues related to the seasonal blues may be due to a lack of sunlight, and therefore, a lack of vitamin D and serotonin.

Symptoms can range from mild to severe. If you are experiencing severe symptoms and think you need professional help, contact your doctor.

Below you’ll find some information about how attending church can help brighten your days and hopefully relieve some of the negative emotions you may be experiencing.

It’s Good For Your Health

Believe it or not, some recent studies have shown that going to church on a weekly basis can actually have a positive impact on your health. Not only does it broaden your spiritual horizons and help you get in touch with that side of yourself, but it’s also proven to be a mood booster as well.

When you feel healthier, you’re much more likely to feel less down during certain months of the year. If you’re starting with a solid foundation, it will be easy to tackle some of the challenges life may throw at you during the winter months.

It Brings Peace

Attending a church service can and should be a time of relaxation for you. It’s a time for you to pray and reflect, which can work wonders for your mind, body, and spirit. Taking time out of your day specifically for these things can work to bring you a sense of inner peace, hopefully easing the burden of some of the seasonal feelings you may be experiencing.

It Helps Build Relationships

When we’re struggling and facing challenges, there’s nothing better than knowing you have a shoulder (or shoulders) to lean on when you need it most. Attending church services and becoming active in your church community allows you to build strong, lasting relationships with other members of your church.

This is a great reminder that you are never alone. If you’re going through a tough time, you have people who care about you and want to support you, which can make all the difference in the world.

It Allows You to Heal

Oftentimes, when we’re facing challenges, we tend to rely on vices. Sometimes, these vices are things that aren’t in our best interest, or are even unhealthy. Not only do these things affect you on their own, but they can also perpetuate disorders such as SAD, making your symptoms exponentially worse.

Regular church services offer guidance, acceptance, reconciliation, and love. Whatever you’re going through, your church can help you fix it in a constructive, positive way, so you can avoid leaning on things like substances or actions that are unhealthy and threaten your mental wellbeing.

It Keeps Christ As the Center of Your Life

We all go through trials and tribulations throughout our lives, whether that’s dealing with something such as the seasonal blues, or suffering from a significant loss. No matter what the issue is, keeping Christ as the center of your life will help guide you through your troubles.
This means that rather than focusing on the downsides of life, you can instead begin to focus on the positive aspects of your life, and take the time to thank Christ for all the great things you’ve been given.

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