At Encounter Church, we love connecting with people and building relationships! Whether you are interested in volunteering to help in a particular aspect of our ministry, or you are looking to join a small group, we can help. In today’s post, we’ll look at a number of different ways that you can get involved at Encounter. Be sure to call our office for more information about our church services in Denver or for answers to any questions you might have.

Information Center

Our information center is the place where we help those who are visiting our church or have questions about our programs. When you volunteer at the information center, you’ll be able to help direct people to the class or room that they’re looking for, answer questions about our church, and provide information about some of our church ministry groups.


When people come to our doors, we want them to be met with a smiling face and a pleasant greeting. Welcoming people to Encounter and shaking their hand can make a world of difference for their comfort levels if they are visiting for the first time. Additionally, you can hand them a bulletin so that they have a point of reference for what is happening on that particular Sunday.


Ushers are an important part of every church service as they help to pass items out quickly across a large space. Whether they are passing communion, the offering, or handing out Bibles, ushers help to make things run more smoothly. When people are running late, the last thing that they want to do is walk to the very front to find an empty seat. As an usher, you can help locate empty chairs for them so that they can avoid feeling like the spotlight is on them.

Altar Call Workers

As an altar call worker, you get the privilege of praying with people who want to make the decision to give their life to Jesus. While many people wait until the end of the service to do this, there are those who may want to make the decision earlier in the church service. By sitting near the front, you’ll be able to pray with them about this decision or other needs they may share with you.

Camera Operators

We are proud to live stream our services every Sunday and Wednesday for those who are unable to be there in person. There are many reasons that people might not be at a particular church service including illness, travel, or hospitalization. No matter what the reason might be for not being present at a church service, we want to make sure that they can join with us remotely on their laptop or mobile device.

Meals Ministry

Our meals ministry is designed to help those who are dealing with a major life change. Sometimes the life change is a joyous occasion, such as the birth of a baby. Other times, the life change might be due to a serious hospitalization or a death in the family. No matter the reason, we know that the burden of preparing a meal can be overwhelming during these times. Whether you are interested in preparing meals or helping to deliver them, you can show your love in this tangible way.

Communion Helpers

Preparing trays for communion is a significant source of help for all of our church services. From making sure that each tray has enough bread to filling all of the cups and placing them in their holders, communion preparation is a great way to help things run more smoothly during a church service.

Worship Center Preparation

Preparing the worship center is like tidying up your home for visitors. While people don’t mean to leave a mess behind, there are frequently envelopes, pens, visitor cards, and more that are forgotten on or under chairs. Taking some time to walk down each row to dispose of trash and return other items to their proper location helps to ensure that our worship center will look fresh and ready for the next church service.

Sound Engineers

If you have enjoyed listening to the music during one of our church services, then you were enjoying the work of our sound engineers in addition to the musicians. Balancing the different levels and keeping everything running smoothly is crucial to helping the music sound as good as possible. If you don’t have experience working in a sound booth, don’t worry — we can train you!

Encounter Groups

There are so many different ways to get involved at Encounter Church in Denver. Whether or not you are interested in volunteering in one of the capacities we talked about, make sure to check out our Encounter Groups. It’s important to make sure that you are involved with a small group of people who can support you and encourage you when you are going through tough times. Contact our church today to learn more about the groups that are available and find one that you can join.

While we absolutely love our volunteers, please be sure not to overschedule yourself so that you can avoid feeling burned out. If you’re not already involved in one of our Encounter Groups, then please call our church office to learn more about them and the times they meet. We love people and are passionate about sharing the love of Jesus with our city. Come visit Encounter Church in Denver and get to know us!