It goes without saying that 2020 has been one of the craziest years many of us can remember. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on almost everyone’s plans for the year in some way or another — whether it be something small, like a concert or event, or something more monumental, like a wedding or vacation. Throughout the past six months, some have found it challenging to stay positive, possibly due to the mandatory isolation we’ve all faced or just general anxiety about the state of our world.

Encounter Church understands that this uncertainty can put a strain on normal life and make it hard to connect with others. In this week’s blog post, our non-denominational church in Denver discusses how you can stay involved in your community during COVID-19. We believe that connecting with members of your community can bring a little light to the dark situation we’ve all been living through since earlier this year. We are big on giving back to the community that serves us, and feel that getting involved during times like these is the perfect way to do so!

Encounter Church is a non-denominational church in Denver that aims to share the love of Christ with our city, as well as our world. We offer church services, bible studies, ministries, and more. Read this week’s post to get involved in the community and reach out to Encounter Church today!

Check on Neighbors, Friends, and Family

The continued isolation has been tough on most people, especially those who live alone. A simple way that you can get involved in your Denver community is to reach out to neighbors, friends, and family members every so often to see how they’re doing. If you know someone lives alone or is struggling, consistently check in with them to ensure they’re doing alright.

To comply with policies and keep everyone safe, opt for a call, text or even a Zoom meeting! This way, you’re still getting social interaction, but not putting yourself or others at risk for contracting COVID-19. If you really want to make it interesting, you could even send letters or goodies in the mail to your loved ones!

Become a Virtual Volunteer

Many companies have had to adjust to the times, so they’ve started offering virtual volunteering opportunities so that those who want to get involved and help out still can! You can search for specific organizations throughout the Denver community to get a better idea of which organizations are currently looking for volunteers. The best part? You can stay involved and help others from the comfort of your own home! All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer that can connect to the internet and you’re good to go.

Encounter Church has more information about volunteering opportunities in the area. Contact our non-denominational church in Denver to learn more about opportunities near you!

Support a High-Risk Neighbor or Loved One

If you know of someone in your life who is at a higher risk for COVID-19 due to health issues, offer to help them out however you can. This could include things like picking up groceries or take-out food or grabbing their prescriptions from your local pharmacy.

Again, be sure not to come into contact with this person in order to protect them from the virus — instead, leave their goodies on the doorstep.

Help Your Local Food Pantry

A great way to help those in your community during this time is to donate or volunteer at your local food pantry. Contact your local organization to find out more about what types of foods you can donate or how you can help out.

Donating food can help families in need while also allowing you to connect with your community members. Even a few cans of food can go a long way!

Assist in Local Fundraising Efforts

Many community members during this time have taken a hard hit financially. You can help out by getting involved in local fundraising efforts that provide much-needed supplies to families in your community. A quick online search will give you more information about what kinds of fundraising opportunities there currently are in your area.

Our non-denominational church in Denver can provide you with more information about current local fundraising efforts. Check out how you can give back to families in need or contact us today!

Help Your Local Animal Shelter

The global pandemic has not only affected humans, but animals too! COVID-19 has put an immense amount of stress onto animal shelters across the country. You can help by calling your local animal shelter to find out what is needed. If you can, offer volunteer support or even foster an animal, as this helps local shelters conserve space and resources. As an added bonus, you could have a loyal companion to keep you company while you stay home!

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has also left some pet owners unable to care for their own pets for various reasons. If you know of someone who needs additional assistance, reach out to them to learn more about how you can help them.

Put Your Own Skills to Work

If there’s something you’re particularly passionate about or skilled at, share with your community! Are you a web designer? A yoga instructor? An artist? Find fun ways to help your community members out by sharing your skills.

Get a virtual meeting together and have an art class, or help someone design a website for their business. There are endless possibilities for sharing your skills and passions in a way that can help others. Not only are you helping others by sharing your skills, but you’re also getting to have some social interaction, which benefits you as well!

Stay Calm, Informed, and Help Share Accurate Information

As we’ve all seen recently, times can change within a matter of days. There has been so much uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and the policies and requirements seem to change daily. You can help your Denver community by doing your best to find and share only the most accurate information.

By doing so, you’re allowing your community members to follow the procedures and policies more closely, thereby ensuring that everyone remains safe and healthy.

Join a Church in Denver

Encounter Church believes that one of the best ways to stay involved in your community during COVID-19 is to join a local church! Our non-denominational church in Denver hosts a variety of events, including video sermons, church ministries, bible studies, and more. We even have ministries and events available for kids!

Not only can you connect with other members of your church through church services and events, but you can also learn more about giving back to your Denver community. We will help our members stay informed about volunteering opportunities and fundraising so you can give back if you’re able!

Getting involved in your community and helping others not only benefits those you’re helping, but it benefits you as well! At Encounter Church, we believe that sticking together during times like these is the best way to get through them. We’re excited to help you get involved in our community! Contact our non-denominational church in Denver today.