Encounter Church is a diverse community of people seeking God together and sharing Jesus in love to our city and world.

We are lovers of God and people.
We accept people and encourage transformation.
We are true to the teachings of Jesus and the Bible.
We strive for excellence in everything we do.


What We Believe

• There is one God, manifested in three personalities: Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit

• The reality of Satan an his influence on the world

• All scripture was divinely inspired, reveals the nature of God, His plan for mankind, and the final authority regarding matters of doctrine and faith

• The resurrection of believers and unbelievers to everlasting life or punishment

• The fall of all men into a sinful state, this necessitates spiritual rebirth.

• The present-day supernatural ministry of the holy spirit, being manifested in many ways including all the spiritual gifts.

• The reconciliation of men to God, by God’s grace through faith, in the substitutionary death of Jesus.

• God’s commandment to live our lives in service to the kingdom of God and people.