1. Helping Your Community

    3 Ways Your Church Can Positively Impact Your Community

    It’s 2020, people! We’re experiencing some of the most progressive times in the history of the world. People, especially the youthful populations, are asking questions and really taking time to explore their faith. This is fantastic, as it lets young people come into their beliefs on their own terms. However, some people will still need guidance to find their way into God’s grace.  That’s…Read More

  2. Find Hope in 2020

    5 Bible Quotes to Help You Stay Hopeful in 2020

    Can you believe we’re in February already? We certainly can’t! Every year seems to go by faster and faster. At Encounter Church of Denver, we know that the blur of life passing by can sometimes make things feel hopeless and out of control. Whenever you’re feeling suffocated by the chaos, just remember you always have a lifeline. Jesus is there for us when it all seems too much. Here are 5 qu…Read More

  3. 5 Benefits of Youth Ministry for Teens

    Ah yes, the formative teen years. It is a time of our most important growth, and that doesn’t just mean getting taller! Many teenagers begin to explore who they are as an individual. A key part of this exploration is faith. It can be confusing, and for good reason. How can anyone trust in faith? It’s an abstract concept that takes some people a lifetime to embrace. Teens will undoubtedly have …Read More

  4. How to Make Your Resolutions Stick

    Every year, the majority of Americans make resolutions about things they want to change for the better in the coming year. The most common resolutions, of course, are related to weight loss, exercise, healthy eating habits, and saving money. While each of these areas are important to a happy and healthy life, more than half of them will be broken by February. This begs the question — how do you …Read More

  5. How to Raise Self-Reliant Children

    If you are a parent, then you probably have a number of goals for your children. Among them, we hope that you want to raise children who are able to take care of themselves, contribute to society, and form their own opinions. While there is value in raising children to be independent, a much better goal is training them to be self-reliant individuals. Continue reading today’s post to learn more …Read More

  6. How to Get Involved at Encounter Church

    At Encounter Church, we love connecting with people and building relationships! Whether you are interested in volunteering to help in a particular aspect of our ministry, or you are looking to join a small group, we can help. In today’s post, we’ll look at a number of different ways that you can get involved at Encounter. Be sure to call our office for more information about our church service…Read More

  7. 5 Ways Your Children Benefit From Sunday School

    Parents always try to make the right decisions when it comes to every aspect of their children’s lives. Even though you know you aren’t perfect, you hope that the choices you make will create a solid foundation for your children and benefit them throughout the rest of their lives. If you have decided to send your children to Sunday school simply because that’s how you were raised, but you ar…Read More