Through all the chaos, confusion and triumphs we are here for you!

Encounter Church Student Ministries exists to help students walk in friendship with the Father and each other. We are not about the light show, being flashy or hyped. We are all about relationships. Relationships with people can get messy, they are honest and real, but also can be beautiful and redemptive. Likewise many people’s relationship with the Father can have it’s valleys of doubts and struggles, but also filled with victories and mountaintop moments.

Students are welcome every Wednesday to join Pastor Steve at Encounter Church from 6:00p – 7:00p for fellowship, fun, friends, and ministry. We also meet every Sunday at 9 am and 11 am.


In the Old Testament, Joshua built a city that was a safe place for ALL to come & find refuge and freedom from their past. This place was called “The City of Refuge.” Encounter Students is a place where you can find strength, build friendship, and a place you can call home. No matter what your past may look like, we would love to worship with you.

Encounter Students is a place where you will Encounter the love of Jesus, hear His word, and learn to be more like Him. Encounter Students is a family of young people, filled with this kind of love, seeking the LOST so that they too can come alive. So, they can truly LIVE the LIFE they were destined for.

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