It’s 2020, people! We’re experiencing some of the most progressive times in the history of the world. People, especially the youthful populations, are asking questions and really taking time to explore their faith. This is fantastic, as it lets young people come into their beliefs on their own terms. However, some people will still need guidance to find their way into God’s grace. 

That’s where your church comes in. Through community events, your congregation can both help those in need as well as attract people to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Here are three ways you can get your church involved with your local community from Encounter Church of Denver. 

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1. Host Community Events

Block parties, movie nights, pop culture conventions, you name it! It doesn’t have to be a “Christian” event to convey Christian values. Make it inviting and fun. Let people play video games, have discussions unrelated to church, give out prizes. All these things will help nurture an inviting environment for newcomers. Once they’re comfortable and want to know more about your church, then move into the religious conversations. 

Make sure to thoroughly advertise your event as well. Don’t use newspaper ads. Instead, opt for your city’s email newsletter, social media ads, flyers, and banners. If your organization can afford it, TV and radio ads could also be beneficial. Again, don’t make your ad message too religious. You want people to know your congregation has much more to offer than just church service. 

If executed well, your community event will benefit not only your congregation but also your neighbors! 

2. Organize a Food Drive

This is a common practice of many churches for a reason. Whether it’s benefitting single moms, veterans, impoverished populations, or natural disaster victims, the charity of a food drive can do nothing but improve the reputation of your church. Open up the opportunity to volunteer and contribute to your whole community — not just your church. This can attract youth looking for volunteer hours and also give local families the ability to make some tax-deductible donations.

As for the drive itself, make it fun! Build a leadership team that will inspire morale and make people want to be a part of the drive. This will help to both retain your current congregation and encourage new members to join. Just like events, make sure to advertise your food drive through all the modern advertising channels you can. 

After you’ve completed a successful and fulfilling food drive, you may find new members in your church family on the following Sundays.

3. Build a Community Park on Your Church’s Land

This one really only applies to churches built on a fair chunk of land. However, if your church does have access to some outdoor space, it can be very beneficial to make it an inviting environment for the community. A playground is perfect for families with small children. Disc golf courses and running trails can encourage adults to visit. A dog park can beckon those with furry friends. Any of the above are potential future members of your congregation. 

The goal here is to attract people to your church’s location via fun amenities. For this to be successful, you’ll have to be prepared for the maintenance involved with the upkeep of these amenities. If your church has some extra income, you can pay a maintenance staff for this. If your budget is tighter, you might reach out to your organization’s youth groups to help. Either way, know that these will require continuous attention, but the value they’ll add to your community will far outweigh the effort of building them.


There are many more things you can do to improve both your community and your church, but hopefully, these three will help get you started. For other exciting ideas for how your church can reach out to your community, or if you have general questions about church improvements and congregation-tending, feel free to contact our Ministry team at Encounter Church of Denver. 

If you’re in the Denver area and want to be part of an inclusive and lively church community, join one of our Sunday morning services at either 9:00 or 11:00, or check out our Worship & Word services on Wednesday nights at 7:00. Additionally, keep an eye out for our own community events! We look forward to inviting you into our family!