Prayer Is More Than Just a Request

While many pray because they are requesting something from God, there are many other reasons why prayer is extremely beneficial. From growing closer to God to bringing breakthroughs into your life, the power of prayer is never-ending. At Encounter Church, we want to pray for you. If you have something that you want our community of pastors to gather together in prayer for, please submit your request through this form.

Prayer is one of the most important things we as a community can do. Each time we pray, we are given an opportunity to spend time with God. You can pray about anything at any time, just be sure you are taking it seriously, as this is valuable time spent communicating with God.

Praying for others is also an act of service, which is why we at Encounter Church feel strongly about praying for others. By praying for others, we can help meet others’ needs, Through this simple act, you are helping others to maintain their spiritual well-being, while also maintaining your own.

Let Us Pray For You

Encounter Church aims to create a diverse community of people that can come together and celebrate the teachings of Christ. We accept and encourage all people and we are true to the teachings of Jesus and the Bible. We believe that the love of Christ is powerful and must be shared throughout our city and our world. Our community encourages you to submit your prayer requests and join us for weekly worship at Encounter Church in Centennial.

All prayer requests submitted to Encounter Church are completely confidential and will not be shared with the public. Each prayer request will be prayed over by our pastors each week. Submit your request and let our pastors in Centennial pray for you today. If you have any questions about prayer requests, weekly worship, or our community, please feel free to reach out to us.

Meet Lisa Malone the Encounter Church Prayer Coordinator

Lisa and her family have been a part of Encounter Church since they moved to Denver in 1994. Supporting prayer and growing under the mentorship of Marilyn Hickey and others since 2000, she became the Prayer Coordinator in 2004. Lisa has a passion for connecting people to God through the power of prayer to see our families blessed, our communities awakened, and God‘s Kingdom advanced all around us.

Join Lisa Malone every 2nd Saturday at 9am on our prayer line as we seek God together for His power to move in our nation and city.

Dial: 267-930-4000 

Add code: 534-877-497#

At Encounter Church, we firmly believe in the power of prayer to change things.

Please feel free to share your prayer needs here, and we will partner with you in prayer as we seek God’s will for your life.