Parents always try to make the right decisions when it comes to every aspect of their children’s lives. Even though you know you aren’t perfect, you hope that the choices you make will create a solid foundation for your children and benefit them throughout the rest of their lives. If you have decided to send your children to Sunday school simply because that’s how you were raised, but you are wondering how it benefits your child, then continue reading today’s post, and come visit our church service at Encounter Church in Denver.

Find Mentors

Parenting is tough, and yes, it does take a village to raise a child! With that in mind, think about the types of adults who are likely to be teaching your child’s Sunday school class. They volunteer because they love children, they love God, and they want to help you teach them about His love. The people who attend church with you may even live in your neighborhood, which means that they can continue to be mentors for your child outside of church.

Make Friends

Friends are one of the most important influences in anyone’s life. As a parent, you will be the strongest influence in your child’s life for a very short time. All too soon, they will be looking to their friends to see what they should say or do. With that in mind, you want to make sure to encourage them to form friendships with other children who will be good influences and are being raised with similar values. While children in Sunday school are no more perfect than any other children, you are likely to find kids who come from families with values similar to yours.

Form Good Habits

There are many good habits that you want your child to learn, and some of those habits can be formed and reinforced during their time in Sunday school. From listening skills and sharing to respect and social skills, there are many opportunities for them to form good habits at a young age. The ability to listen well is not a habit that most of us form quickly, so their time in Sunday school will help to reinforce what it looks and sounds like to respectfully listen to others as they speak. Your child can continue to work on strengthening these and other good habits during their time at Sunday school.

Reinforce Values

As a family who attends church, there are certain values that you want your children to have that are not necessarily reinforced in other settings. If serving others, giving of your time and money, and sharing the love of Jesus with others is important to your family, then Sunday school is the perfect place for your family’s values to be reinforced. Not only that, but you may discover that topics that are taught at church may open up conversations at home, which allow you to further discuss why your family holds the values that it does.

Have Fun

Children love to have fun, and they learn more when they are having fun. Sunday school isn’t a place where they will just sit still for a while and listen to their teacher before leaving. On the contrary, Sunday school is a place where the teacher has activities, games, songs, and more to help the class better understand the lesson. This fun social engagement develops connections between your child and their teacher as well as with other children.

At Encounter Church in Denver, we love people, and we want you to feel comfortable joining us for our Church services on Sundays. We have dedicated volunteers who thoroughly enjoy teaching Sunday school and working with children to help them understand just how much God loves them. Contact us to learn about our Sunday school and church services today.